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Recipe: Jalapeño Poppers

I've had several people ask after I posted some foodporn pics of my homemade jalapeño poppers on Twitter so I posted the recipe on my tumbler. Here is the link.

Jalapeño Popper Recipe


I'll just leave this here...

Dachshund Puppy Playing with a Ghost Crab


I haz more duct tape...

I made a wallet.

I'm thinking of making a bunch of duct tape stuff and selling it.


Writer's Block: My Town

Describe one thing about your hometown that's unusual or unique -- maybe there's an interesting statue or landmark, a special event occurs there, or it's the Official Home of Something.

I have to answer this one...

My town has a huge bronze statue of a bull.

The bull has a story related here: The Smithtown Bull

Back in the 70s and early 80s there was a sort of tradition among graduating high school seniors. This was in the days when the drinking age in New York was 18 and no one really ever checked ids. It was easy to get alcohol. Sometime during the last couple of weeks of school a group of teenagers would paint the bull's genitalia bright orange.

I couldn't find a picture of the bull from the back and it's raining so I'm not going to take one today but trust me, at twice life-size, it took a whole can of spray paint. The practice fell out of favor in the mid 80s when, after more than a decade of dealing with orange bull balls, the town finally set up a security camera and the last group of graduating seniors to engage in the ball-painting were caught and charged with vandalism.


Balsamic Herb Salmon

I made this for dinner tonight and it's really yummy. The recipe is posted on my Tumblr.

Balsamic Herb Salmon Recipe

It hit 88F today. Personally I love a nice warm, sunny summer day. But, I usually prefer them in summer not the end of May. Makes me wonder what summer's going to be like when we already have the AC on now.

I'm exhausted...

Got all the moving/cleaning stuff done today. My friends came over a couple of hours ago and hauled off the old sofa. When they were done they offered to help me put the new one together. That was a big help. I put the coffee table together myself. Now I have a shiny new sofa and coffee table. I have to go back to Ikea tomorrow since they gave me the wrong sofa cover. But the cover is white so you're not missing anything important.

Before and after shots under here...Collapse )


Talk about sensory overload...

I went to Ikea today. I've never been to Ikea before. Now I think I know why.

There was SO much stuff, it was insane. Luckily I had looked up online what I wanted and had all the relevant information written down. But I had to walk the entire store, literally through a maze of zigzagging isles to get from the showroom to the self-serve furniture section. I could have easily spent the entire day there looking at things. I'm glad I went prepared.

I went for a new sofa and coffee table and that's what I came away with. The guys are coming over tomorrow to haul away my old sofa and bring the base of the new one, which is really heavy, up the two flights of stairs to my apartment. Meanwhile, my new sofa is sitting in pieces in my mom's living room downstairs.

So tomorrow afternoon I'll have a new sofa and won't be sitting in a hole anymore. YAY!

Before and after pics tomorrow.

This made me lol

First off, I'm not a House fan though I've seen a few episodes, enough to get the joke and I'm starting to like Steven Moffat's Sherlock. The first two didn't impress me all that much but #3 and #4 were pretty good. I've got #5 on my DVR. I have zero interest in the CBS version in the works. All that being said, I thought this was pretty funny.

From one of my new favorite web comics: Hijinks Insue


This is hysterical...

I found this link over at Tumblr. I'm still chuckling.

The 35 Greatest Animal Photobombers Of All Time


What happens when I get bored...

...and happen to have some spare duct tape.

I make a duct tape cover for my Kindle. What else?



The More You Know...

If you put cooked brussel sprouts in the microwave to heat them up, they explode like little cherry bombs.

True story :-/

I haz a freezer!

This is what my life has become. I'm all excited over getting a new freezer. :-/

Anyway, I am excited. I haven't had my own freezer since I moved in here in '94. Geeze, that's almost 20 years. For the most of that time, I've been doing without but, since I'm not working, it's cheaper and easier to buy bulk and frozen stuff, taking advantage of sales. I've been sharing with my mom and there really isn't enough room for both of us to keep stuff. Now I have a 7 cubic foot freezer of my very own :-)



I'm going food shopping tomorrow.


Gesine Marwedel - Body Painting

I thought I'd share this over here because it's really cool. I found this German artist, Gesine Marwedel, through a Tumblr link. She does these amazing body paintings. The link below is for a slideshow of her work. It's worth watching this full screen. This site does contain some nudity so may not be considered work safe.

This one is my favorite.

Here is the link to the slideshow on her site: www.gesine-marwedel.de/galerie/bodypainting/

So, in the last half hour pretty much everyone I know has sent me this...

Guess everyone thinks I'm a math geek or something ;P

Whole bunch of new content over on my Tumblr. I'm trying not to spam here so I haven't been cross posting each and every post. But, I've found some fun stuff.


Some changes...

If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed I've changed my account name, @akaMathChick. Don't panic, it's still me. I just needed a change. I also started a Tumblr, akamathchick.tumblr.com. I'll be slowly moving over there over the next few days. I'll cross post here for the time being, if I think it's relevant.

I'll explain all of this in a few days. Stuff going on but it's 85 degrees in here and my laptop is hot.


I fear for the future of our society...

...though, honestly, this doesn't really surprise me given the low priority education has in the US.

Failbook: A Dozen People Who Had No Idea Titanic Was a Real Ship

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