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Another work avoidance meme

This one is from nasn

nervous habits?: I grind my teeth
are you double jointed?: No, but my dad is and he used to keep us entertained with it when we were kids
can you roll your tongue?: Yep
can you raise one eyebrow at a time?: No, but I always wished I could.
can you blow spit bubbles?: ah, no
can you cross your eyes?: yes, but it gives me a headache
have any tattoos?: plenty
have any piercings and where?: ears
do you make your bed daily?: nope

which shoe goes on first?: left, cuz my right leg doesn’t bend so easily
speaking of shoes, have you ever thrown one at anyone?: never had the occasion to
on average, how much money do you carry in your purse/ wallet?: it varies a lot. Anywhere from twenty to a couple hundred.
what jewelry do you wear 24/7?: my wedding ring and my celtic ring
favorite piece of clothing?: any pair of jeans that I own

do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?: twirl
have you ever eaten spam?: yes, unfortunately. My mom used to make it for me for lunch when I was a kid.
favorite ice cream flavor?: chocolate
how many cereals in your cabinet?: one almost empty box
what's your favorite restaurant?: this is a hard one. I guess it’s a tie between Tomo, the sushi place in town and Miknos, greek food.
do you cook?: yes, all of the time

how often do you brush your teeth?: At night before bed
hair drying method?: towel
have you ever colored/ highlighted your hair?: yes, or it’s grey

do you swear?: frequently
do you ever spit?: no

animal?: kitties
food?: potatoes
month?: October
day?: Friday
cartoon?: Spongebob
shoe brand?: skates
subject in school?: math
color?: red
sport?: don’t like sports
tv show?: any CSI
thing to do in the spring?: walk in the woods
thing to do in the summer?: lie around in the sun
thing to do in the fall?: walk in the woods
thing to do in the winter?: try to stay warm

the cd player?: in my car
person you talk most on the phone with?: my little sister(the biological one)
ever taken a cab?: lots of times
do you regularly check yourself out in store windows and mirrors?: not regularly
what color is your bedroom. Walls are white, carpet is blue
do you use an alarm clock?: yes but I always wake up before it goes off
window seat or aisle?: window

what's your sleeping position?: left side or back
even in hot weather do you use a blanket?: even in winter I tend not to. I don’t like stuff over me when I sleep
do you snore?: sometimes
do you sleepwalk?: no
do you talk in your sleep?: not that I’m aware of
do you sleep with stuffed animals?: no, I sleep with real animals
how bout with the light on?: only if I fall asleep on the sofa
do you fall asleep with the tv or radio on?: only if I fall asleep on the sofa


What is on the wall closest to you?: a tack board
When you turn to the right, what is the first thing you see?: the bottle of water sitting on my desk
Name each thing you hear right now: the dean’s phone ringing in his office otherwise it’s pretty quiet today
Name each thing you smell right now: food from the cafeteria. The smell is wafting from the vents and making me hungry
What is the title of the book nearest to you right now?: Dowling College 2008-2010 Catalogue for Undergraduate Students
go to page 86.. go to line 12.. share the first 8 words: “…leadership position or advancement in your profession of…”
go to your nearest window, then list 3 things you saw when you looked out: there are no windows near me
How many steps take you to your bathroom?: No clue, never counted
Describe your main light source at this moment: overhead florescent lights
How many spoons in your kitchen drawer right now?: a lot
Describe everything on your body right now in the from of clothes or jewels: top to bottom, dark blue button-down shirt, jeans, undergarments, light blue socks, my black Skates sneakers, my wedding ring, my celtic ring
How many plants are in your house: none, plants die around me, I am the plant reaper
Are they fake or real?: see above
Where did you buy your computer?: my desktop from Dell, my big HP laptop from CompUSA, my little MacBook from the Apple Store
If you have a purse, describe it.: small, black, over the shoulder organizer bag
If you just carry a wallet, describe it: black, leather, pocket wallet
Grab a piece of paper in either one, and tell us what it is: my business card
What was the last reciept you had in your hands for?: post office receipt from a package I sent to timothy_quinn
If you carry a purse, name 3 things in it right now: my glasses, my writer’s journal, my digital camera
what is sitting on the floor closest to you?: my computer tower
Name something you can see right now that you should throw away: half the crap on my desk
name something you can see right now that you couldn't bear to throw away: my magic 8 ball
when you say goodbye to a pal, what do you say?: later
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