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First of all, I agreed to help out today because they still haven't hired a new counselor yet so the department is short staffed. I agreed to work 12-8 today because in my head it gave me an extra half day on my long weekend. What I forgot was that it was the first day of classes and as the department head for the remedial program there may be issues that needed my attention first thing this morning.

*bangs head*

1. No textbooks for one of the classes out at the eastern campus in the bookstore.
2. No furniture yet in the new tutoring room and the locks haven't been changed yet.
3. Only one student showed up for the skills program and she only went to one of the classes.
4. The instructor's copies of the textbooks weren't here this morning for the instructors.
5. One of my instructors found another class in the room he was assigned to.

There's more but I got hit with all of this on my way in the door at noon today. Add to that that my phone hasn't stopped ringing and I've had a steady stream of students coming into my office all afternoon and I'm ready to scream.

AAAAND the floresent light in my office is about to blow and right now it's flickering and threatening to give me a headache.

At least I finally got a chance to take a short break and eat something.


Time to return to the madhouse...


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