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How to Eat Pie (POL - Terry/Dino)

Title: How to Eat Pie
Author: Aeon Cole
Rating: FRT
Warning: Slash
Fandom: Proof of Life
Pairing: Terry/Dino
Challenge: 50ficlets // table
Prompt: #16 Food
Word Count: 654
Summary: The proper way to eat the last piece of pie.
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

He was being taunted by it that was the only way to describe it. It was just sitting there calling to him. All he had to do was to reach in and grab it. He didn’t understand why Terry hadn’t simply dealt with it last night. If he had then Dino wouldn’t be standing there being tempted by it. But no, Terry had to be difficult about things sometimes.

Dino’s expression changed as it occurred to him that Terry had done what he’d done on purpose. He’d left it there to tempt him. Well, Dino thought, I’m not going to give in. He’s not going to win this time. But still he stood there staring. After a few minutes he heard a noise and felt Terry move up behind him. He felt Terry’s lips as he pressed a kiss on the back of his neck.

“Mornin’ love,” he said as he reached around Dino and snagged the last piece of pie from the open refrigerator.

Dino slammed the door and turned to find Terry sitting at the kitchen table about to take a bite of his treat. He slipped the fork into his mouth, closed his eyes and let out a satisfied hum.

Dino glared at him. “You’re evil,” he grumbled.

Terry smirked and took another bite. “You know,” he said around his mouthful of pie. “You should be nicer to me or I won’t share this with you.”

Dino raised an eyebrow. Considering he’d been the one to eat most of the pie the night before he was surprised to hear Terry offer to share the last piece with him.

“Really?” Dino asked hopefully. Terry nodded and held out a forkful to him. Dino’s mouth was watering as he hurried over and sat next to Terry. He closed his lips around the fork and moaned. Sweet and creamy, definitely the best pie he’d ever had.

Terry chuckled at his lover’s reaction and decided to have a little fun. He ran his finger through the cream filling and made a show of licking and sucking it off. When he was done he dipped his finger in again but this time Dino caught his hand and directed Terry’s finger into his own mouth. He licked up the length of Terry’s finger before sucking it in with a slight leer. Terry tried to suppress a soft moan as he felt Dino’s tongue wrap around his finger. The redhead was definitely enjoying himself.

Then deciding it was his turn to play, Dino dragged two fingers through the cream and spread it over Terry’s lips. And just as Terry’s tongue darted out to lick the filling Dino moved in and claimed his mouth while slowly cleaning the cream from his face. By the time they broke the kiss Terry had pulled him into his lap. They rested their foreheads together for a moment.

Terry reached around and scooped up another finger full of pie then spread it along Dino’s neck. The redhead shivered as the cold filling was dragged across his sensitive neck then he moaned as he felt Terry’s tongue begin to lick it off. Terry found a particularly sensitive spot and began suckling, slowly raising a dark mark on the Dino’s pale skin and drawing a gasp from him. Satisfied with the mark he’d left, Terry began kissing his way up Dino’s jaw and took his mouth for another heated kiss. Dino completely forgot about the pie and wrapped his arms around Terry’s neck melting into the kiss. After a few minutes Terry pulled back as they both caught their breath.

“Still think I’m evil?” Terry asked softly.

Dino nodded. “You’re made of evil, evil and pie,” he answered with a smirk.

Terry laughed as he stood up. “You’re all sticky, mate.”

“Well, whose fault is that?” Dino retorted.

Terry held a hand out to Dino. “Come on. I think we both need a shower.”

Tags: 50ficlets, proof of life, terry/dino

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