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Need Some Help PLEASE

Edit: OK, I did manage to figure out most of this.

I know I have a couple of programmers on my flist...

I need someone who knows Access2007 well. I am trying to write a database to do this report that I have to create every week for one of the VPs. Right now I am doing it mostly by hand with queries and if I can create the right report all I will have to do is import the data weekly and hit a button.

The basic idea is this...
I have a dataset.
Query1 pulls the fields from the dataset that I need to work with.
Query2 uses "Criteria" to pull the records from the fields that I want to count.
Query3 adds the "total" row and the Count function to get a single number (the number of records in Query2)

What I need to do is to be able to pull this number into a report. Ultimately there will be 60 of these plus the sums in the report but for now I'm just working on a small scale to see if I can get this to work before I create all of the other queries.

If any of this makes any sense to anyone out there and you have any ideas, HELP.

I've tried using the count function in the report view but it's not working right.

My frustration levels are rising.

(Before you ask, I am reluctant to go to the computer help people here at the college because I would like to retain ownership of the code myself.)

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