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I just love this part of the country weather-wise. *insert sarcasm here*

On December 19th we got 10 inches of snow. By the 21st the temperature had plummeted and the wind chills were below zero for two days. Then by Christmas it was almost 60 degrees and rained and for three days it stayed warm enough that I was walking around outside in bare feet.


We're on the edge of the 4-6 inches swath on the weather map which means, in reality, we could be anywhere from a couple of inches and a foot, depending on whether the storm pushes east faster than it pushes south.

Luckily I don't have to go anywhere today but tomorrow's gonna suck. With my folks out of town, I have to do the plowing. Yippy!

So maybe if everyone on my flist who lives south of Long Island stands outside facing north and blows really hard we can change the path of the storm.



It was worth a try...

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