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Since everyone else is doing it...

My 2008

fics written: 171

Gil/Nick: 4

Danny/Don: 1

Horatio/Speed: 24
Horatio/Speed/Eric: 3
Horatio/Eric: 1
Horatio/Stetler: 5
Horatio/Speed/Stetler: 4
Horatio/Calleigh: 1
Horatio Caine: 15
Tim Speedle: 80 (completed challenge)
Cloe the Cat: 3

Twin Peaks: 12 (completed challenge)
X-Files: 2
Proof of Life: 12
Supernatural: 1
Burn Notice: 1
Original: 2

8 New challenges
6 writing
2 icons

2 completed challenges
12stories - Twin Peaks
drabbles100 - Timothy Speedle

1 dropped challenge
30distractions - Gil/Nick

22 icon posts

Other LJ and web stuff
Revamped my journal
Completely redesigned my website
Started a comm - pol_fandom
Started writing songfics
Wrote two original fics

Life stuff
Finally switched over to Mac
Started a new job, got my own office
Survived my husband’s gal bladder surgery
Did battled with the demon fly in my office

So what about 2009? I’ve learned to not try to predict anything because I never really know what’s going to happen. If you had asked me back in 2007 what I would be doing in 2008, I can guarantee 99% of the above would be nowhere on the list.

I can tell you that there are two things that I am looking forward to in 2009 and those are going down to Florida in March and finally getting the chance to meet Sis and my other Sylum listsibs when we go to DC in June.

*hugs Sis* Can’t wait!

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