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Snow, found video, icons, YAY!

So it looks like we are definitely going to get pounded tonight. I've spoken to a couple of friends who live just south of me and they are already getting A LOT of snow. They've upped the snow totals to 14 inches and it's not supposed to stop until tomorrow afternoon with blizzard conditions through the morning. A bunch of schools have already announced closings. I do know that Dowling will wait until the last possible moment to announce but they will likely close too. If they don't I'm taking a day anyway. I just hope that it is bad enough that the government offices close so that my dad doesn't have to drive tomorrow morning.

Good news is, I got myself a project for tomorrow. I've been looking all over for a digital copy of one episode of Dinner for Five, the one with Rory Cochrane. Amazon says it's no longer available and except for a couple of shorts on Youtube I haven't been able to find it. After searching every so often on itunes, I finally found it. It's not the entire episode but a 25 minutes of it. It was enough for me to grab about 150 caps to make icons from. Yay! The download does include the now infamous phone booth story.

So tomorrow is for icons and shoveling.

Now it's time for bed...

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