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Well, that was fun...

So, this morning I had to go for a metabolic test, my doctor's idea.

I lost a lot of weight a few years ago when my blood pressure went haywire but I seemed to hit a wall and for the past year or two I haven't been able to lose any more and I really need to. The ironic thing is that, in all likelihood, the problem is that I don't eat enough. I can easily go all day without eating then come home and eat dinner then go to bed. I know that's bad and I know it will cause my metabolism to slow down so I'm hoping this test will give me a calorie goal to meet every day. Even weight watchers isn't working anymore.

For me the difficult part is going to be forcing myself to eat when I'm not hungry. I've been trying to do things like eat breakfast in the morning, not just have coffee, and take a break and actually eat lunch instead of just nibble all day. It seems to be working some as I have lost a few pounds but hopefully having an actual calorie goal everyday will make the difference.

The test itself wasn't bad. I just had to sit there for ten minutes breathing into a tube while a machine measured how many calories I burn in a resting state. The worst part was that I couldn't have any coffee in the morning because it would have thrown off the test. That really sucked. I did fill my thermal mug before I left so I would have it when I got out. As soon as I got in the car I downed about a quarter of it at once.

The first thing I said to the guy who was administering the test, whose name is Dr. Watson btw, was, "How long will this take because I have a mug of coffee waiting for me out in the car."

He got a good laugh out of that.

I go back in two weeks for the results.

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