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Lesson number one about my Cablevision DVR.

I can record two shows at the same time but I can not watch a third while the other two are recording.

Case in point...

Wednesday night. Must watch LOST.

-The new Mythbusters season started with a two hour special, 9pm to 11pm.

Set to record.

-CSI: NY new episode, 10pm to 11pm.

Set to record. (recording starts one minute before show starts, auto-setting)

-Me and hubby, watching LOST, 9pm to 10 pm.

LOST cuts out one minute before the end and the box automatically switches to CSI: NY.


I downloaded the episode this morning from itunes but still, that was frustrating. And something really good happened too. I won't spoil anyone though.

I hope this Mythbusters special was worth it.

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