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I can't believe this is actually working

When I am at home I always take a nap in the afternoon, for at least an hour or two.

Not today. I'm not even a little bit sleepy.

Let me explain...
I went for the results of my metabolic test yesterday. My doctor gave me a calorie goal to shoot for each day, roughly 1800 calories. Now, for the past two weeks since I went for the test I've been monitoring my calorie intake every day so I could talk intelligently with my doctor. Turns out that is about what I've been eating, some days a little more, some a little less.

After talking with him for a while I realized that while I was maintaining a healthy diet and not eating too many calories each day, when I was eating was the problem. I had been eating most of my calories in the evening. I would eat a small breakfast, when I ate breakfast, usually just a sandwich for lunch, then a large meal for dinner. This has likely been my problem. He said to eat two-thirds to three-quarter of my calories before 2pm then the remaining for dinner and and evening snack. I should be eating my biggest meal around lunch time not dinner time. He said if I did that then what I eat early in the day will fuel my metabolism throughout the day.

Well, it's almost 230pm and I am not only wide awake but I have this energy buzz that I have no idea what to do with right now. I've already cleaned everything, done the laundry, dishes, and I am still wide awake. I'd go outside for a while but it is pouring right now. I don't even feel like I need a cup of coffee.

I'm keeping my fingers crosses.

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