Aeon (aeoncole) wrote,

Today's Twitter

  • 05:59 So not ready to get up this morning. Even less wanting to go to work.
  • 07:44 Why can't I wake up this morning? NEED MORE CAFFEINE
  • 10:56 bored, bored, bored... did I mention bored. wish I could watch CSI on my computer at work but it's blocked :-(
  • 13:20 @tye76 no worries I completely understand. I did figure out the LoudTwitter thing on my own. Thx anyway.
  • 14:07 how bad is it that I am in my office reading comment porn while I have a student taking a test sitting opposite me. ;-/
  • 14:16 @medjai_trowa nope, he's sitting behind my screen and concentrating on the exam
  • 15:49 Toddles off to class to give an exam.
  • 16:30 My class is now finding out what happens when you don't come to class or study all week. They don't look happy.
  • 18:57 @tye76 algebra
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