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  • 08:11 7 1/2 hours until I see if I can get my toe fixed. Now, need to grade exams. *shudders*
  • 10:12 So my sister asked me to help her figure out how to explain how to calculate a ballistics trajectory to an MTV exec. *headdesk*
  • 10:18 @medjai_trowa LOL She is using an MTV video of a guy jumping his dirt bike off a ramp to illustrate the idea and pitching to the MTV folks..
  • 10:19 @medjai_trowa try to jumpstart MTV's educational content program. She wants to work for them developing stuff like that.
  • 12:26 @tye76 I gave up trying to balance my checkbook ages ago. LOL
  • 14:00 One more hour til the toe doctor
  • 14:08 @tye76 see
  • 14:56 I'm off. I'll pop back in later after this is all over.
  • 16:03 So far not too bad. Used cold spray so I didn't feel the needle at all.
  • 16:34 Ok all done. That want bad at all. Of course my foot is still numb.
  • 16:42 @tye76 no he cut it so it could grow back normally
  • 20:27 well the antibiotic has totally wiped me out. I'm heading to bed. Nighty night.
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