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Today's Twitter

  • 05:26 Crap. Internet is out again.
  • 06:35 Today:Food shopping and my sister is coming over after the March of Dimes walk to go over the ballistics trjectory thing for her MTV meeting
  • 12:05 We just hit 90 degrees. Kinda glad I couldn't make the March of Dimes walk this year. My sister said it was a killer with the heat.
  • 13:32 Question for the day: How does the iced cream man not go insane having to listen to that music all day?
  • 14:02 Ooo How the Earth Was Made on the History channel. WIN
  • 15:13 Ugh! It's 87 degrees inside my apartment right now. Oh yeah, and still no internet.
  • 16:05 One down. Just finished the edits and partial rewrite on the first part of Club Descent. Two parts to go.
  • 16:49 BBQing some bourbon soaked chicken. Cuz I am so not turning to oven on today. It's kinda nice out here but still hot.
  • 20:06 I'm heading to bed before the antibiotics start making me feel sick.
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