Aeon (aeoncole) wrote,

Today's Twitter

  • 05:08 Man I hate my alarm clock.
  • 07:43 Two piles of exams to grade that I was supposed to do Friday but didn't. #fromwork
  • 08:45 One exam down, one to go. #fromwork
  • 09:33 Just got off the phone with Cablevision. I definitely need a new modem.
  • 12:23 Just spent the past hour trying to figure why my spreadsheet wasn't adding up. Forgot a whole category. Math Fail #fromwork
  • 15:06 So, I go from having too much to do and not enough time to having everything done and an hour to kill.
  • 15:44 Off to class. #fromwork
  • 19:06 Double Mythbusters tonight. Yay!
  • 20:10 Bed time. Later all.
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