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Good News, Better News, and Slightly Annoying News

The Good News: I had my appointment with the podiatrist this afternoon and my toe is healing just fine. The infection is completely gone and it looks really good.

The Slightly Annoying News: I have to keep soaking it twice a day for another 3 weeks. Pain in the behind. But he explained to me why so really I don't mind that much. He said that he cut the nail so it would grow back and if I don't want it to grow back all mutated and ingrown again I have to soak it to keep the healing area soft and keep the swelling down. This is bringing me kinda close to the gathering but I want my nail to grow back normally. Apparently that is the most common problem with this type of procedure so I will soak it.

The Better News: I asked him about my shoes because I have been having a lot of problems with my knees. I've had problems with my knees all my life and had always assumed that the root cause was my knees. Well, I have flat feet. Who knew. As soon as I stood up barefoot he was like, "Whoa, your feet turn way in." He's going to check with my insurance company to make sure they will cover custom orthotics which I am fairly sure they do. Hopefully this could solve the knee problems and I will be able to walk properly again won't even need my cane which I do occasionally need. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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