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I really hate having to write people up especially when I find out that this is probably the last straw for this person and this person will probably be fired when it gets back to HR.

I didn't know any of that this morning when I talked to the AD and told her what happened. I only told her because I was concerned for the person and thought it would be a good idea if someone out front kept an eye on her.

I know this person is not well and is on medication for depression and is bipolar. But what happened yesterday, she went off on one of the others in the office and was very paranoid which I know is part of the whole complex of mental illness, hence my concern. Thing is, it was just the two of us so I didn't have to say anything. No one else heard what she said. But apparently she had been warned by HR not to talk about what she was talking about or she would be fired. So when I mentioned it to the AD she was compelled to tell the VP who told me I had to give a written statement.

Now I just have this really bad feeling and don't want to be in the office alone with this person. I'll probably come in a little later tomorrow to be sure there is someone else here. The AD is supposed to talk to her but I don't think she is going to get to do it today. She really isn't any happier about this whole thing than I am.

Anyway, excuse me for tuning out for a while.

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