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So about three weeks ago the assistant manager of the school bookstore came in and said she needed to go over the book order for the summer and fall classes with me.

Me: Fine.

We go to my office. She has a huge computer printout.

Her: What books do you need for fall?

Me: We're using the same books from last fall.

Her: Okay, that's easy.
Makes notes on huge computer printout.

Her: How about summer?

Me: Same books as fall but only order for class A since class B and class C will likely be canceled. I'll let you know if anything changes.

She makes more notes on huge computer printout.

Me: *thinks everything is taken care of*

Today the instructor for the remedial math class that is running, the one I told the bookstore lady to order the books for, said the bookstore doesn't have the books. They never got the order.

Me: O.o But I placed the order three weeks ago.

So I walk across the hall to the bookstore and talk to the manager. She has nothing in the computer about any fall books being ordered and has the books for the remedial English course for the summer that was canceled. The course I told the assistant manager NOT to order the books for.

Of course the assistant manager that I spoke to wasn't in today but the manager told me she was supposed to request all orders by email so they had a paper trail and not go around to the individual departments in person.

So now the students are going to get their textbooks but a week late. Not good.

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