Aeon (aeoncole) wrote,

Today's Twitter

  • 08:30 Takes a deep breath. Dives headlong into WalMart.
  • 09:59 Very proud of myself. Went to WalMart and only got what I went there for. And spent less than $60. Yay!
  • 11:35 @sharpiesgal Yeah. Actually walked out with shorts, socks, and a new baseball cap and nothing else. I was completely stunned.
  • 11:50 I should finish the edits I started for the zines but 3 days & 40 pgs of PWPs. My brain hurts. Just gonna lie on the sofa for a bit.
  • 14:27 @tonfue I use it. What bberry do you have. Some have problems.
  • 14:49 Found a new pizza place. \o/ Good basic pizza + lots of other stuff. Going for salad pizza in a few.
  • 16:28 @sharpiesgal What happened? Yahell go down?
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