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An Update

Okay, so I thought it was time for an update, especially for all the new people I've picked up on this journal in past couple of weeks. I looked back and realized it had been 3 1/2 pages and almost a month since I posted a new fic.

Well, I've been kind of busy lately, coupled with my unstable internet connection at home and napping bunnies, and I haven't written much lately. At least nothing fan related anyway.

I'm still working on getting together what I need to publish some zines so I've been spending a lot of time editing and deciding what goes best with what.

Summer is a busy time for me at work between the summer program that I run that starts in a few weeks and the massive registration projection project I've been handed. Don't have much spare time during the week either.

And still getting ready for sharpiesgal's visit and our trip down to DC for the Sylum gathering.

Two weeks.

*flails uncontrollably*

*shakes self off*

Okay, better now. : )

Well, I better send this now before I lose my internet connection again.

Off to make bread for the week and clean my bedroom.

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