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Because life is full of irony...

I am sick.

I got really dizzy yesterday afternoon while I was at the restaurant with my family. My mom drove me home but the dizzy didn't go away. I've never felt the whole room spin around me before. And my right ear is plugged up and ringing. My husband took me to the ER yesterday afternoon but after waiting for 5 hours, they were really busy, he was told it would be a few more hours before I got to see a doctor. I saw a nurse and they were able to determine that it wasn't my blood pressure. So I decided to come home and lie down.

Well, I'm still dizzy so I'm going to see my doctor today. Pretty sure I have an ear infection but the weird thing is, my ear doesn't hurt.

Sis, I'll keep you posted but I still have a week to get over this before you get here.

I need to go lie down.

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