May 15th, 2009

red bird


So, I got my new sneakers yesterday. They were waiting for me when I got home from work. These are the ones that are designed for people with fallen arches. I put them on and felt my whole body straighten out. It was just incredible. The best part, after walking around in them for a while, I was able to walk up and down the stairs to my apartment perfectly normally, using both legs and no cane.

The only problem I know I'm going to have for a while is that my feet are not used to being in such tight fitting and confining shoes. Since I usually walk around barefoot or in loose fitting saddles or crocs, my feet are protesting these shoes right now. It will take me a few days of wearing them to get used to them. But they are working and I'm just waiting now to find out from my insurance company whether they will cover the custom orthotics. Though if they don't I've found some good ones online that I can get.

Either way, this means I will be able to walk around DC with everyone without any issues. I was really worried about that.

btw, CSI:NY last night... :-(
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I finished the rewrites on the Friends and Family main arc.


I will upload them all when I get home tonight.

Hmm, it's only 11:00. What to do now?

*slinks off to plot*
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New Stories Posted

I've just updated my website with the rewrites of the Friends and Family arc.

Here is the link: Friends and Family

I am directing you the main page because some of the story ratings have now changed to an adult rating. This way you can see ahead of time which ones have changed.
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Today's Twitter

  • 11:04 The edits on the Friends and Family main story arc are done. \o/ I will upload them all tonight when I get home from work. WhooHoo!
  • 17:35 The new Friends and Family arc is now posted.
    Please be aware that some of the story ratings have changed.
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