June 2nd, 2009

red bird

So, let's see...

...managed to throw my knee out yesterday doing laundry.

Well, it wasn't the actual doing of the laundry, it was the attempt to carry all of the laundry at once up two flights of stairs to my apartment. It was a lot of laundry.

Puts the kibosh on some things I wanted to do around the house today but I supposed some forced relaxation isn't too bad an idea.

Plus we're going out for dinner tonight, if Rich doesn't have to work which we won't know til after 8 this morning.

Oh well. *puts leg up on sofa*

Off to play on facebook for a bit.
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red bird

Today's Twitter

  • 05:44 I don't know what you guys were doing last night but I woke up to 40 txt msgs and only 1 was a #randomfact from @tonfue. TXT alerts off 2day
  • 08:55 @sharpiesgal Thanks! It's okay, just surprised when I pulled up my messages.
  • 10:55 Time for lunch then back to editing. Only a couple pages left but couldn't look at it anymore yesterday.
  • 13:31 @sharpiesgal Sending you some of our sun
  • 13:33 @sharpiesgal not really getting any better yet
  • 17:38 Internet's out again. This is getting really old really fast. Plus I still can't figure out facebook mobile. Frustrating.
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