September 12th, 2009

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Yay Weekend

Well, I survived the first week of school relatively unscathed.

It made a huge difference not being in the thick of things down on the first floor. I was able to get my work done without constantly being interrupted. It was still somewhat exhausting though.

My class this semester seems like a good group. Most of them actually participated in the class on Thursday and answered questions. Not like last semester where from day one I knew I had a room full of wise asses but still better than some of the zombie classes I've had in the past. And I need to get my teaching voice back. By the end of class on Thursday I could barely talk above a whisper.

If things work out next semester will be insane. I am planning on switching back to my old morning teaching schedule so I can teach two classes instead of one. I need the extra money if I'm going to be able to have fun in San Diego next summer and not have worry about running out of money by the end of the summer. The plan is slowly coming together.

I got some work done on a story that I am hoping will finally finish off my Horatio-Stetler 12stories challenge. It's shaping up slowly, partly because it's a gen/casefile/friendship thing and I need to get the details right but also because I am much busier now that the semester has started. 2000 words, 1 prompt down and counting.

Off to eat breakfast, go food shopping, do laundry, then collapse on the sofa and catch up on everything I DVR'd this week.
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