October 10th, 2009


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So, I seem to be able to manage updating here once a week. But then again that's why I have my twitters posted every day.

Even though I got sick this week, it was a pretty good week and I got a lot accomplished.

Work's been crazy but in a good way. I'd totally forgotten how much I enjoy programming. I've managed to put together a set of databases that will allow me to do things without having to rely on other people to pull information for me. I also managed to solve a problem I had with our email system that the IT department could figure out. And the VP is now afraid of me. My plans for world domination are coming together nicely.
Is anyone else watching Flash Forward on ABC? I managed to get totally hooked after the first episode and that is unusual for me. I really like the plot so far. I hope they keep it up.
Tail end of the Supernatural coming attraction after this week's episode... Sam doing the Horatio Caine imitation. ROFLMAO
TAM7 DVDs are out but the set is almost $70. Way cheaper than actually attending The Amazing Meeting which would have been, well, amazing, but still kind of pricey for me right now. Still trying to save up for San Diego next summer. But I really want the DVD set so I'll probably spring for it next paycheck.
And once again it is time to get off my butt and go food shopping and do laundry. I lead such an exciting life...
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Grant - yeah baby

Yay! x2

1. My sister got me a hotel room for San Diego... at the Hilton... for a week. My sister kicks ass! All I need now is a flight. I can't wait. I'm going to California!

lasairfhiona and taibhrigh we have an extra bed and room for two more.

2. I got my hearing aid today. It works! I can't believe the difference in what I can hear now. I just have to get used to having something in my ear all the time. My husband and I went for a drive and I was able to hear him just fine in the car with the windows open. The weirdest part is hearing my own voice properly again.

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