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So, I just got back from the doctor. He is sending me for more tests to try to pin down the root cause of the vertigo. Though he feels the hearing loss I'm experiencing is likely permanent so he is sending me for a complete hearing eval and probably to be fitted for a hearing aid.

I am getting old.

It's funny how much medical technology has advanced in the past 35 years. My doctor asked if I'd ever had a hearing test done. I told him that I had one done when I was a kid. He asked if I wanted to do one right now, it would only take a minute.

Well, what I remembered of a hearing test was spending 45 minutes inside a sound proof room wearing big-ass head phones while they piped tones in and I had to raise my hand whenever I heard something. That was the image I had in my head when he ask me that question.

Now they have this little gun-like thing. The PA put it into my ear and pressed a button. It uses some kind of sonar thingy to determine what I can hear. It took all of 5 seconds. But it did agree that my hearing loss in my right ear is significant.

Anyway, I'm off to go enjoy my day off.

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