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Sylum Fic: The Truth(2/2) (X Files - Mulder/Skinner)

Title: The Truth (2/2)
Author: Aeon Cole (Fox Mulder)
Rating: FRAO
Warning: Slash
Beta: bjjones (Sylum canon), sharpiesgal (Everything else)
Fandom: X Files (Sylum)
Pairing: Fox Mulder/Walter Skinner
Challenge: sylum_challenge // table
Prompt: #17 Bond
Word Count: 4310
Summary: Two souls come together.
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.
Author’s Note: This is Sylum canon approved by BJ Jones.

Ciaus broke the kiss when he felt his lungs burning for air. He rested his forehead against Fox’s while he regained his breath. After a moment he looked into Fox’s eyes and noticing that he seemed composed he asked, “You do not need to breathe, do you?”

Fox gave him a sly smile and shook his head.

“I can see how that could come in handy,” Ciaus commented. Then his expression turned serious and he laid a hand on Fox’s chest. “You do not breathe. Your heart does not beat. Yet you walk and talk.” He ducked his head for a moment. “What makes this all possible?”

Fox shook his head. “I can not answer that. I only know what my Sire did. When Maximus turned me, he first drained the blood from me. I felt my life slipping away. I heard a voice calling my name. Maximus slit his wrist and fed me from it. I felt myself being pulled back. A short while later I was wracked with pain, intense but it did not last too long. After that my heart no longer beat and I no longer needed air.”

“But you did need to drink blood,” Ciaus said. Fox nodded. “Do you still eat?”

“It is not absolutely necessary. It is the blood that sustains us. But we do. It helps us to fit in and we can still enjoy food,” he said with a slight smile.

“You mentioned that your kind can live for thousands of years?” Ciaus asked.

“So I am told. In Egypt, Maximus said he met a Vampyre who claims to be over 3500 years old.”

Ciaus’ eyes widened slightly. “But you also said you could be killed.”

“Separate a Vampyre from his head and he dies. Any other injuries we can heal from.”

“So, if I remain as I am, you will have to watch me grow old and die.” Fox nodded, his expression growing somber. “Then I wish to become like you. You will not be able to get rid of me so easily this time.”

Fox took his hand. “If you thought it was an easy decision last time, you are wrong. But there are still things you must know. You are my Mate, Ciaus. That is a special relationship. Once you are turned and we are bonded we will be connected. I have been told that, if one of a bonded pair dies the other will follow. One can not live without the other.”

Ciaus gave Fox’s hand a squeeze. “I would not want to live without you, Julius.”

“You will also be able to feel me, and I you. We will feel if the other is in pain or upset even at a great distance. We will know if the other is happy or sad. There will be no secrets between us.”

“I understand and I still want to do this,” Ciaus said plainly.

Fox’s smile broadened. “We need to tell Maximus and Quintus. There are things that need to be prepared. We will need to bring in a seasoned Chosen One. You will need to feed right after you are turned. We need someone who can handle a newly turned and starved Vampyre.”

“I do not want to hurt anyone, Julius.”

“I know. I felt the same way. But there are those who can handle it and those who cannot. There is someone in Trujillo; he is strong and has done this before. It will take a day to get him here.”

“Will you do this for me or will it be Maximus or Quintus, or another?”

“It will be me, if that is your wish,” Fox answered.

“It is,” Ciaus answered simply.

Fox smiled and took his hand. “Come on, we should tell the others.”

“Wait. I, um, I have one more question.” He looked away for a moment before continuing. “Is it necessary for us to wait until I am like you before we can… be together?”

He felt a little silly asking that question. After all he had waited more years than he cared to think about for this moment. But having Julius right there in front of him, alive and well, he did not want to have to wait a moment longer than necessary.

Fox drew him in for another slow kiss before pulling back. “No. But if we do this now, I will start the bonding. I do not think I will be able to stop myself. Once it is started it must be finished. You will not be able to change your mind.”

“I have no desire to change my mind,” Ciaus said then leaned in for another kiss.


After the evening meal Fox was ready to take Ciaus back to his quarters, but Maximus insisted on talking to the newcomer alone beforehand. He led Ciaus back out to the garden so they could speak privately.

“I want to make sure you understand a few things before you do this,” Maximus said. “Will Fox be the one to turn you?”

“I have asked him to and he has agreed,” Ciaus answered.

“Normally, your Sire would be responsible for your training, but as Fox is still young, I will take up that role. You will remain here with us until the two of you are ready to be on your own. You will need to learn how to feed and hunt and how to use a sword to defend yourself.”

“I have worked some with a sword but am by no means an expert,” Ciaus confessed.

“Trust me, you will become one. The only way to kill one of us is beheading and there are those out there who will try. Not all of our kind are as benevolent as we here are. Our society has its outlaws just as human society does and you must be able to protect yourself and defend your Mate.”

Ciaus nodded. This was not something he had had time to consider. “I understand,” he said.

“You will notice, after you are turned, that your strength is increased as is your eyesight and hearing. You will need to learn how to cope with these things. It takes time, years in fact. Do you have any close family still living?”

Ciaus shook his head. “My wife died in childbirth several years ago. The baby did not survive,” he said sadly.

“I am sorry,” Maximus said sympathetically. “So no one will come looking for you?” he asked.

“No. I left no one behind who would come looking for me.”

“That is good,” Maximus said. “It is best when you make this sort of decision to be able to make a clean break from your old life.”

A thought struck Ciaus at that moment. “Are you the one who sent word to his family that Julius had died?” he asked.

“Yes. It was his wish to have no further contact with his family. He agreed to stay here with us for a sufficient period of time so as to guarantee that his immediate family would be elderly or passed on.” At seeing the slightly hurt expression on Ciaus’ face he added, “He did regret that you also would think him dead. He has had to work hard these past years to resist the urge to contact you. I now understand why.”

“It was difficult for me too when I heard of his death. Not long after, I met my wife and decided to settle down. We were not married very long before she became with child,” Ciaus said, his voice turning sad again. “I left my home after her death and have been walking many long years to end up here.”

“You went looking for Fox even though you had been informed of his death?” Maximus asked.

“At first no, I thought him dead. But the reports did not say how or why he died. I went looking for the truth about what had happened to him, but as I drew closer to this part of the empire I began to hear rumors. I asked questions and I began to suspect that Julius might be alive. It was almost like I could feel him and knew he was not dead.”

Maximus nodded. “There is a strong connection between the two of you. Will Fox begin the bonding tonight?”

“He said he would but he did not explain any further,” Ciaus said, his curiosity taking over again.

“He will drink from you. For Mates, that is all that is needed to begin the bonding. It will tie him to you. The process needs to be completed soon after. Once you are turned, you will need to drink from him. I will send for the proper Chosen One first thing in the morning. You should be able to complete the bond by tomorrow evening. How are you feeling about all of this?”

Ciaus took a breath before he spoke and the thought struck him that after tomorrow he would no longer need to do that. “I will admit that I am a little nervous. It is a lot to take in no more than a day. When I awoke this morning it seemed the world was a very different place.”

Maximus looked him square in the eyes and said, “If you have any doubts, do not allow Fox to start the bonding. I can find separate quarters for you tonight.”

Ciaus smiled at him. “I have never been more sure of anything before in my life,” he said honestly.

Maximus clapped him on the shoulder. “Then go to your Mate, Ciaus Silvanus. We will deal with everything else tomorrow.”


Ciaus walked back inside the villa and found Fox in the main dining area talking quietly with Quintus. He paused in the entryway for a moment and watched his soon-to-be Mate. Everything had happened so quickly that he really had not had a chance to stop and just observe. He was noticing for the first time just how relaxed and even happy Julius looked. He had originally met Julius when he was already a young man many years after his sister had been taken. He had already become sullen and withdrawn and Ciaus had often wondered what he had been like as a child before he carried all of the guilt over the loss of his sister. He was never happy at home. His father had tried to push him into politics, hiring Ciaus to teach him what he would need to know to go into the Senate. Julius had fought him at every step until, finally, the truth about what had happened to his sister came out and Julius simply walked away.

Fox could feel his Mate’s eyes on him even now and wondered what it would be like after tomorrow when they were bonded and the connection was even stronger. He stood and walked over to him. Ciaus reached out and took his hand. Without saying a word, Fox led him away to his quarters.

Once inside he pulled Ciaus into his arms and stared into his eyes, having to look up just slightly. Ciaus leaned in and took his mouth in a kiss that began slow, but quickly grew with all the passion of too many years of separation. Things moved very quickly from there. Clothes flew in all directions and Fox pulled Ciaus down onto the bed so he was lying on top of him. Both men groaned as their bodies pressed together for the first time. Ciaus raised himself up on his elbows and stared into Fox’s eyes seeking permission.

Fox brushed his hand over Ciaus’ cheek. “You can not hurt me,” he said softly. “Please, I need you.”

He reached over to the side of the bed where a small amphora of oil had been left by one of the servants. He passed it over to Ciaus who sat back and slicked himself up. Fox raised his legs opening himself up to his soon to be lover. Ciaus lined himself up and slowly, carefully pushed in. Despite what Fox had said he moved slowly not wanting to hurt the other man. But Fox knew that he would quickly heal from any damage and raised his hips meeting his Mate half way. Ciaus moaned at the feeling of their joining.

He remained still, afraid of ending things too quickly. Fox gave him a few moments to regain his control, but soon grew impatient and rocked his hips up urging the other man to start moving. Ciaus took the hint and pulled almost all of the way out before thrusting back in causing sparks to shoot through both men. Fox was doing his best to keep the Vampyre in check but he had not had much experience with this sort of thing since his turning and the strong emotions were pulling at him. He reached up and pulled Ciaus down into a fierce kiss as the other man thrust hard and deep into his body.

No longer able to keep the beast down, he rolled them over so he was straddling Ciaus but still allowing him to thrust up into his body. When Fox pulled back Ciaus looked up at him. His eyes glowed an emerald green and his fangs had descended. Ciaus slowed his movements and stared in amazement at his lover’s face. Fox took Ciaus’ hand and placed it on his impossibly hard and aching member. Ciaus wrapped his fingers around the organ and began stroking. Fox threw his head back and moaned from deep in his throat. His control almost gone he leaned forward and in one swift move he turned Ciaus’ head to the side and bit down on his neck.

Ciaus’ mouth opened in a silent scream as his whole world exploded in pleasure. Fox’s orgasm wracked his body and as he drank from his Mate he could feel the bond beginning to form between them. After a moment he forced himself to pull away and licked the wound closed before collapsing onto Ciaus’ chest completely spent.


Ciaus awoke the next morning feeling more rested than he had in many years. He reached for his Mate but quickly realized he was alone, though he was fairly certain where Julius had gone. He rolled onto his back and stretched his sore muscles. As his memory of the night before slowly returned, he brought his hand up to his neck and was surprised to find there was no wound. He was certain he remembered Julius biting him. He would need to remember to ask him about that.

He was nervous and excited about what the day would bring and he lay in bed for a while just contemplating his life and the sudden turn it had taken. He had expected that he and Julius would have a few years together once he had found him. He was not a young man after all. But to find out that he could have hundreds, if not thousands of years was beyond anything he could have imagined.

He slowly rolled out of the bed and gathered up his scattered clothing. He dressed quickly and headed out to the gardens. He had noticed the day before while he and Julius were out there that a fairly large section of open area had been marked off as a training ground. He heard the telltale sounds of metal clanking against metal as he approached the area. He stepped out into the garden and saw Julius swing a broadsword around and block a blow from Quintus.

Quintus took a step back and swung his sword around again, but this time Fox was not quick enough. He had sensed his Mate’s presence and allowed himself to become distracted for just an instant. Quintus brought his sword around and stopped just short of Fox’s neck. Fox froze in place as Quintus lowered his weapon.

“You can not allow yourself to become distracted while fighting, Fox, not for anything. It could easily cost you your head,” Quintus admonished him. He glanced over at Ciaus and added, “And very soon it will not be only your life you will be protecting.” Fox bowed his head. Quintus placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled gently. “We have trained enough for today. Go to your Mate, Fox.”

Fox sheathed his sword and leaned down to grab the tunic that he had dropped on the ground. He slipped the tunic on over his head before making his way over to his Mate.

Ciaus smiled gently. “Sorry,” he said. “It was my fault you became distracted, was it not?”

Fox ducked his head momentarily. “No, it was my own fault. It is still a difficult thing for me to control. Quintus has taken my head many times though not as frequently these days as in the past.”

“Well, that is a good thing,” Ciaus said. He leaned in for a soft kiss. When he pulled back he said, “Good morning.”

Fox smiled. “Have you eaten yet?” he asked. Ciaus shook his head. “Let us go see if we can coax some bread and fruit out of the kitchen staff.”


Later that evening after Lucius had returned to the villa with the Chosen One he had been sent to fetch, Fox took Ciaus to his quarters. He slowly stripped him and laid him down on his bed. Maximus stood near by though out of the way to give the two a little privacy. He had instructed Fox in the proper way to turn his Mate, but he knew that he had never actually done it before and wanted to be ready if he needed help. He had made sure that there were plenty of furs on the bed because even though it was a warm evening he knew that the new Vampyre would feel chilled.

Fox looked down at his Mate. He could hear his heartbeat increase and knew that he was nervous. He did his best to calm him. He brushed a hand along his cheek and neck then over his chest. He looked deep into his eyes hoping he would see that there was nothing to fear.

“I love you,” he said softly.

“And I you, Julius. And soon we will have eternity,” Ciaus answered him as he turned his head to one side baring his neck.

Fox held his Mate’s head to the side gently and bit down on his neck. Ciaus moaned softly as he felt his life fading. Then from what seemed like a great distance Ciaus heard his name being called and he felt a hand behind his head.

“Ciaus, you must drink,” Fox said as he held his bleeding wrist to the other man’s mouth.

After a moment Ciaus took hold of Fox’s arm and drank greedily. Fox gently laid his Mate’s head back on the bed when he was done then laid down next to him and waited for the next stage. He did not have to wait too long. A little while later Ciaus sat bolt upright in bed and moaned. Fox sat up and pulled his Mate into his arms. Maximus was at his side almost immediately.

“It hurts,” Ciaus moaned.

Fox held his Mate tight. “I know. But it will pass.”

He remembered the pain of his own turning and glanced over at his Sire who laid a comforting hand on his arm. He held Ciaus just as Maximus had held him, whispering soothing words in his ear until he finally calmed and his body relaxed.

Maximus looked down at the two. “He must feed, Fox,” he said and called the Chosen One into the room.

Fox looked at his Mate. “Ciaus, you need to feed.”

Ciaus looked up at him, his eyes tired. “I do not know how,” he said softly.

“Do not worry. In the beginning it is instinct,” Maximus answered him.

He brought the human over to the bed and sat him down. He was a big man, tall and stocky, obviously strong. Fox helped Ciaus up to his knees and brought him close to the man. Once close Ciaus could hear a pounding sound and smelled something he could not identify at first. Fox guided him to the man’s neck and instinct took over. His eyes turned a golden brown and his fangs descended. No longer in control of his own body he lurched forward and sunk his fangs into the man’s neck.

Maximus carefully counted to ten then said, “You must stop now.”

Fox pulled on Ciaus’ shoulders while Maximus pulled his head back. Once Ciaus had detached he pulled the Chosen One away from the bed and left the room. Ciaus lay on the bed panting, even though it was no longer necessary for him to breathe. Fox laid a hand on his chest and no longer felt a heartbeat.

“How do you feel?” he asked.

“Cold,” Ciaus answered shivering slightly. “Very cold.”

Fox pulled the furs over him. “This should help until you get used to it,” he said. He looked down at his Mate huddled under the furs. “You should sleep for a while. There will be another ready to feed you again when you wake.”

“Stay with me, please?” Ciaus asked softly.

“Always,” Fox answered.

Ciaus awoke a few hours later feeling better, but with an almost overwhelming thirst. Fox felt him stir and sat up signaling Maximus who had stayed in the room with them. Maximus got up and brought in another Chosen One. Ciaus fed again and it was a little easier this time though he still needed Fox to pull him back so he did not take too much. After, Maximus left the two alone.

Ciaus looked over at Fox. “I no longer feel my heart beating,” he said, amazed at the feeling.

“It is a bit strange at first,” Fox replied with a smirk.

“How long did I sleep for?” Ciaus asked.

“Only a few hours. The sun is not up yet.”

“No? But the room is so bright.”

“Your vision is enhanced now. It will take some time to learn to adapt to it. It is better if you do not go out during the day for a little while until you have it under control. The sun can be blinding at first.”

Amazed at his newfound senses, Ciaus said, “I can hear… heartbeats, I think.”

“Yes. You are hearing the humans in the villa. You will learn to control that as well.”

Ciaus reached out and took Fox’s hand. When he did he felt a sense of well-being, pride, and just a touch of sadness. He cocked his head.

“I can feel you now,” he said.

He knew what he had to do to complete the bond but still he hesitated. Fox could feel his hesitation through the bond.

“You can not hurt me, Ciaus,” he said as he leaned in close for a kiss.

Ciaus could feel the truth in what his Mate was telling him. He felt his fangs descend as he broke the kiss. He quickly moved to Fox’s neck biting down. Fox moaned in pleasure as he felt his Mate drink from him and felt the bond engulf them.

Many hours later they lay huddled together in bed. Ciaus turned to his bonded Mate and asked, “What do we do now?”

“You will have to start training with Quintus, I suppose. But first you will need to learn to get your senses under control and learn to feed without help.”

“How long do we stay here for, Julius?”

“Until we are ready to leave. I made a promise to Maximus to stay here until my family or anyone who would recognize me is old or dead, another twenty or thirty years.”

He hesitated for a moment wanting to say something. Ciaus felt this and said, “Remember, you can not hide things from me anymore. What do you want to ask me?”

Fox chuckled. “It is silly but, do you think you could get used to calling me Fox?”

Ciaus nodded. “In public, yes. But when it is just the two of us like this, may I still call you Julius?” Fox smiled and nodded. “Good. Because I will always think of you as Julius Vulinus,” he said as he leaned in for a kiss.

Present Day
Skinner wandered into the study and slowly approached his Mate. He had disappeared from their bedroom sometime earlier in the evening and Skinner had woken up alone. He found the other man standing over an old wooden trunk.

“Mulder? What are you doing here? It’s the middle of the night,” he inquired.

Mulder smiled at him. “Couldn’t sleep,” he said simply.

Skinner walked up behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist. Mulder leaned back into the comforting embrace. Skinner looked over his shoulder.

“What have you got there?” he asked.

Mulder shrugged. “Just some old things,” he said.

He pulled away from his Mate’s embrace and knelt down in front of the trunk. Skinner joined him and smiled as he glanced into the old box.

“These things are from the villa, aren’t they?” he asked remembering the years they had spent there.

Mulder nodded. “After so many centuries, it’s easy to forget, isn’t it?”

“I suppose it is, Julius,” Skinner said with a soft smile.

“Do you ever miss those days, Ciaus?” Mulder asked.

Skinner chuckled softly. “Sometimes, especially when my cell phone rings at three in the morning,” he answered. Mulder snorted out a laugh. Skinner stood and held out a hand. “Come on. Let’s go back to bed. We can look through all of this in the morning.”

Mulder took his hand and allowed himself to be pulled to his feet and into Skinner’s arms. After a quick kiss he was led back to his bed.

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