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Anybody got a banana?

So, this has been an interesting week. I’m turning into a code monkey again. I’ve forgotten what that’s like. It’s been a few years.

There were a bunch of us who started at the college at the same time 15 years ago and one of them is leaving. His last day is Friday. It’s a really good move for him so I am happy for him but I’m not happy. Aside from the fact that we’re friends and I will miss him, he is the one who runs all of my databases for me, all the data I need for my reports.

I’ve been given access to do this myself now. Good because now I can basically get whatever data I need from the system whenever I want without having to go others. Bad because I have to become a code monkey again. It’s been too long since I’ve had to do any serious database programming.

I have to learn an entire new system and I have a whole week to do it. /sarcasm

He leaves on Friday.

I’m off on Monday.

Once I’m past the learning curve this will be a really good thing.

Anyway, off for three days of laundry, housework, and hopefully finish a story I've been working on.


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