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Now that things have calmed down...

...some updates.

-I managed to mostly rebuild my Blackberry and get it backed up. Thanks to everyone for responding so quickly to my emails asking for contact info. The only thing that I can't put back together easily are my notes. I'll have to dig around for that information. On the plus side, the new operating system on the Blackberry is nice. Everything works much faster and it updated all of my apps and now I have more apps available with the upgrade.

-Work is insane and will remain insane for the foreseeable future. With my friend leaving, actually having left (his last day was Friday), my work has effectively doubled (at least until I get a handle on everything.) I am getting my programming skills back. Sorta like riding a bicycle, I guess. I wrote my first product database on Thursday, and it worked. I can now use it to pull students on academic probation from our system any time I need to. Yay for me!

-I finally ordered my hearing aid. I kept putting it off, not sure why really. But I should have it by the end of next week. I'm really hoping this will help. *fingers crossed*

-Somewhere in between all of this mayhem, I have been working on the promised Horatio-Stetler thing. I'm down to the last 500 words or so, just trying to figure out the best way to end it. I don't need this mutating into a monster bunny.

And now I am going to return to the Mythbusters marathon.


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