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  • 06:59 Cosmos is ending (#CarlSagan version, not the real one) and I must get ready for work. Sigh, really don't feel like it today.
  • 08:43 Question of the day: Cake or Death? #leggoeddieizzard #workavoidancetweet
  • 09:19 Just downloaded @jchutchins 7th Son to my kindle. :)
  • 09:48 Agreed! RT @jchutchins They should just rename the V reboot "Squee." Cuz that's what I'm doing right now. Cannot wait for the new episode!
  • 10:26 @DrWicked I think you need the goblins formula of Head and Shoulders for that.
  • 11:30 Oh wow, I actually accomplished something work-related at work today.
  • 12:19 @Nikki_Notes ah, I was wondering if it was just me.
  • 12:29 I either need a nap or more coffee. No c
    ot in my office. More coffee it is.
  • 12:39 @Nikki_Notes getting in from work also means it could be our server. Actually frequently it is our server.
  • 13:14 lmao RT @starstryder: Best quote ever randomly heard on a college campus (at MIT) "I just can't date him - he uses Windows!"
  • 20:09 Is it possible to fall asleep with the hiccups? I'm about to find out.
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