Aeon (aeoncole) wrote,

Today's Twitter

  • 05:51 I just realized I totally spaced and forgot to record The Prisoner reboot. :-(
  • 05:52 Oh yeah, and it's Monday again.
  • 09:55 @tonfue Good luck with that one. Why think for yourself when you can so easily have someone else do it for you. :-/
  • 10:44 LOL brilliant! RT @treelobster1 Tree Lobsters - #102 Calendar We're doomed!
  • 12:41 I'm beginning to believe that college students possess a gene that predisposes them to congregating in the middle of busy hallways.
  • 13:11 Dude, you rock! RT @BadAstronomer Check out the snow, uh, "man" TLA and I made yesterday. Pic on my blog:
  • 15:32 @jchutchins Unless you only send really short emails :)
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