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5 questions meme

* Leave me a comment saying "Resistance is Futile."
* I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can satisfy my curiosity
* Update your journal with the answers to the questions
* Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions

Considering how many times we have done this, sharpiesgal managed to find some really good questions for me. Answers are under the cut because, well, you know me by now. I topped 1200 words.

1. What is about Carl Sagan that you admire?
I’m going to try really hard not to get long winded with this one. I will probably fail. You are warned.

First of all, anyone here who also reads my wordpress blog, will have seen these two posts, A Brief History of Me and 666 Words About Me. The world that I grew up in was one where understanding and critical thinking were emphasized and faith and belief without proof were minimized.

Excuse me for a moment while I put on my old lady “back in my day” hat for a moment. When I was a kid there was no cable TV, no daily kids programming like now. We got maybe 6 TV stations clearly where we lived, on an old black and white TV set.

One show I can clearly remember watching after school in the early 70s was the Merv Griffin Show. Merv would come out every afternoon and deliver a monologue then interview different guests. Please don’t confuse this with the crap that passes for talk shows today. There were two regular recurring guests that he had on his show, James Randi, then The Amazing Randi, and Carl Sagan. It’s hard for me to talk about one without the other. Randi would do magic tricks then show the audience how they were done. “See, magic tricks aren’t magic, they’re just tricks,” he would always say. Randi is the reason I question everything.

Then Carl Sagan would come on and talk about astronomy and cosmology and the importance of science and being skeptical about things. Carl Sagan was a pioneer in promoting the ideas that critical thinking and asking questions were important and should be embraced by everyone, not just scientists and that the truth, however disconcerting it might be, was always better than a fantasy. My favorite Sagan quote will always be, “For me, it is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.”

These were the people who made me feel that it was ok to be living in the world that I was raised in, because while all of the other kids still believed in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and that babies were delivered by the stork, I was the kid who debunked the tooth fairy to my entire first grade class. I was the one who was compelled, in the third grade, to explain exactly where babies came from and how they got there. This didn’t win me a whole lot of friends.

2. MST3K. Explain your attraction.
First of all, for those on my flist who don’t know what MST3K is, minus 10 nerd points. Seriously, go here and read.

So what’s the attraction? Anyone who has ever sat in the same room with me and watched TV or watched a movie with me knows that I talk back to the TV. My sisters and I did it when we were kids. My friends and I did it when we where teenagers. My husband and I do it now. Well, the MST3K guys took this idea and ran with it. The show was the funniest thing I’ve ever experienced and I’m guessing ever will experience. The jokes were smart, biting, sometimes obscure and always funny. They could make Ed Wood and Michael Bay watchable. It went off the air in 1999 but lives on in its current incarnation, RiffTrax. The list of movies they have on the site that they have riffed is impressive. Again, go check it out, It speaks for itself.

I am totally stoked to have scored tickets for the RiffTrax Live Christmas show next month. They will be riffing, among other things, the animated version of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. The last two live shows sold out nationwide, which speaks to the ongoing popularity of what these guys do.

3. What country in Europe would you like to visit the most?
Honestly, I’ve never had a strong desire to visit Europe. I’ve read all the history, checked out all of the travel shows and it just doesn’t appeal to me all that much. There are plenty of places I would love to visit, if I were to say, win the lottery or something like that. I’d love to go to Egypt and travel around the Middle East. Japan is definitely on my list as well as Brazil.

But there are still plenty of places right here in the US that I want to see first. I’ve traveled all up and down the east coast from Ontario, Canada to Miami, Florida and as far west as St. Louis, Missouri. I will finally get my chance to travel out to the west coast next July when we go to Comic Con and hopefully, if everything works out, visit Houston, Texas in March.

4. Favorite novel.
My favorite novel is actually a trilogy of novels known collectively as the Illuminati Trilogy. The three titles, The Eye in the Pyramid, The Golden Apple, and Leviathan, were written collaboratively by Robert Wilson and Robert Anton Shea and were first published in 1975.

“The story is a satirical, postmodern, science fiction-influenced adventure story; a drug-, sex- and magic-laden trek through a number of conspiracy theories, both historical and imaginary[...] The narrative often switches between third and first person perspectives and jumps around in time. It is thematically dense, covering topics like counterculture, numerology and Discordianism.”(ref)

I am certain that anyone under the age of 40 picking the books up today for the first time would find them dated, sexist, possible pornographic, and certainly not politically correct. It’s the sort of story that has to be read through more than once to pick up all of the little details and tidbits of the overall plot. I first read the books in 1982 and I still pick them up every few years for a reread. I’ve read the whole series maybe 6 times and every time I find something that has slipped my attention during the previous reads.

(btw, Chris, if you haven’t read this, I may have found your Christmas present)

5. Which couple do you like to write: H/Speed or H/Rick?
Well, I like to write both so I will interpret this as which do I prefer to write. As much as I love Horatio/Speed, they were my introduction to slash and my first slash pairing that I wrote, I have to say, at this point that Horatio/Rick is what I prefer writing. There is a dynamic between the characters that just makes them fun to play with and I think this has a lot to do with the way David Caruso and David Lee Smith play off of each other on the show. I know I’ve said this before but Stetler is not your stereotypical, cardboard, one-dimensional bad guy. His character has evolved over the years on the show and love/hate relationship between him and Horatio is still fun to watch.

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