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So...'s been a complete bust.

There is a glitch with my database that I can not fix, or rather is not fixable. It will change how the data is reported.

Someone decided to create a new status code and didn't bother to tell me so now I have to recode my report to handle it properly but the person who created it hasn't gotten back to me yet with the specifics of it so I can't code it.

The portion of the computer system that I needed to do all of this went down for about an hour this afternoon. I emailed the VP and told him I wouldn't have anything before next week at the earliest.

So basically nothing got done today. And, I forgot my data key so I couldn't even work on the story. I spent most of the day reading my book.

I've already had two students come in to say they wouldn't be in class today because they were heading home early for the break. At this point I really don't give a shit. I handed them copies of my notes and said have a good holiday.

If anyone else actually shows up for class I'm tempted to do the same.


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