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First off, I want to thank everyone for the wonderful feedback on Real Men Wear Pink. You guys are awesome!

So, the countdown to my winter break has started, two weeks off as of this coming Saturday. Though I suspect it's not going to be much of a vacation. I have way too much to do. My main goal is cleaning. I have acquired a vast amount of junk over the past year and it seems my apartment is getting smaller, at least the available living space.

I need to dig out my stationary bike because it's getting too cold out to jog or walk. I know some people like doing those things in the cold weather but not me. And after spending last weekend sitting on my ass on the sofa, I feel like a slug so, time for the bike.

I also want to dig out the spare room. It used to belong to the cats. I'd like it back now.

If I can get myself motivated, I know I can do all of this in the time I have, and it will make life a lot more pleasant. But I suspect that by the end I'll be glad to get back to work, so I can relax again.

Oh yeah, and somewhere in there I plan on writing the next part of the pink series. I started it today. Stay tuned...


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