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  • 05:58 4...
  • 07:10 Off to the day job as the countdown to vacation continues.
  • 08:09 There are times when I really want to say something but I know for everyone's peace and sanity I should just keep my mouth shut.
  • 10:21 Ooo Nice! RT @BadAstronomer My Top Ten Astronomy Pictures of 2009!
  • 11:31 One of the women in my office just found the elf yourself website. Someone please shoot me now.
  • 16:49 Onions, garlic, tomatoes, okra, tofu, a curry blend w/a touch of cinnamon=yummy dinner.
  • 20:19 RiffTrax Christmas Shorts-stravaganza is tomorrow! In theaters nationwide! <--and guess who's going. Me, that's who \o/
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