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  • 06:39 Just checked the map. Snow's almost here. It's just south of the island. I feel like a little kid.
  • 07:02 @LessThenSign3 you and me both. I need to get the hang of this whole sleeping late on the weekends thing.
  • 07:58 We're going to try to run some errands before the snow hits this morning. Yep we are insane, thank you.
  • 09:24 Here goes nothing. Hopefully we can get this done and get back before the blizzard hits.
  • 09:37 Oh man there's a lot of people in town today.
  • 10:08 quadruple parked in a busy shopping center.
  • 10:28 Mmm egg nog latte :D
  • 10:41 12 skeins of yarn, new ps2 controller, soda, starbucks and we are ready for the snow. Bring it on.
  • 10:54 Next couple hours. Promise. RT @MsInformation: Get
    with the snowy hashtag promises, Northeast. Yer embarrassing me! #snowpocalypse
  • 12:19 They just upped our predicted snow totals to 12-18"
  • 12:42 @Nikki_Notes Well for once I'm prepared. Though it figures that the first snow of the season would be a blizzard.
  • 14:27 It is snowing in earnest now and the ground is white. #snowpocalypse
  • 16:20 Really? I thought cake was all powerful. RT @GeorgeHrab: There are few problems that cake can't solve.
  • 19:12 We are in full blizzard. Too dark for a picture but lots of snow and wind. #snowpocalypse
  • 19:22 @murgy31 It's pretty bad. I checked out the traffic/weather channel and the traffic cams ar whited out. You just see sideways snow.
  • 19:26 @murgy31 Yeah. In the morning. It's too dark right
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