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I Remember 2009 Like It Was Yesterday

I woke up this morning and it was 2010. Who knew? 2010 seems just like 2009, but with more rain.

I’m a little disappointed though, still no Jetsons-style flying cars in my driveway. I want my comic book future damn it. Oh well, I guess I’ll be driving to work on Monday instead of taking my personal jetpack.

All joking aside, in a way the future I wanted as a kid is here. Thanks to the internet and Twitter I was able to celebrate New Years all over the world in real time. It was kind of cool really.

Plus I got to see P. F. Thompkins tweet an entire Twilight Zone marathon. Cake or pie?

Anyway, since my comic book future is not here yet, I need to go do laundry myself today.

Happy New Year everyone!

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