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Good news/Bad news

The Good:
- Did my taxes yesterday and discovered I'm getting a nice, fat return this year.
- Worked out the numbers for the remedial courses and we have enough students in the program to run all of the sections even if they only have one or two students. Means both my classes will run.
- Both of these things together means I will have enough money to go to Houston in April, enough spending money for San Diego, and enough money to make it through the summer without teaching.

The Bad:
- My husband has been sick this week with not quite bronchitis and a nasty cold.
- As of this morning he has very thoughtfully passed it on to me. *sniffle cough*
- I'm sitting in my office ready to pass out. I just have to last two more hours. I promised my grandmother I'd take her out to lunch today, then I'm going home and to bed.


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