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Drive by update...

Thing 1: I’ve been busy, very busy. I know I haven’t been around much, here or Twitter the past couple of weeks. I’ve been feeling sort of antisocial and I know from experience I need to stay away from people, real life and virtual, when I feel like that since I’d probably just piss everyone off.

Thing 2: Classes started today for me. Luckily both classes are running. Nice chunk of change but more work for me right now.

Thing 3: I’ve almost tripled the word count for the next part of Real Men Wear Pink but the story is evolving very slowly. Sorry about that. I hadn’t intended to go so long between updates but I think it will be worth it in the end. Patience please. (Sis, if I have time later I will send you what I have for another brainstorming session.)

Thing 4: I have one more computer at home to deal with before I am totally free of Microsoft and that is my old desktop computer. It’s pretty useless as it is now and the only thing I use it for is router control, literally that’s it. I need to get myself an external hard drive to back up all mine and my husband’s files. Once I do that I’m wiping Windows from the hard drive and installing Linux. As it stands, though, all of my working computers either run OSX (Mac OS) or Linux.

Thing 5: Um, there is no Thing 5. I’ve got to get to class…



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