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A Brief Introduction

Before I begin my Cloe the cat series, mentioned here, I thought I would give Cloe the chance to introduce herself...

Title: A Brief Introduction

Author: Aeon Cole

Rating: G

Summary: Cloe the cat would like to take a moment to introduce herself to my readers and to explain a little bit about what it is like living with Horatio and Tim.

Disclaimer: Cloe the cat belongs to me, Horatio Caine and Tim Speedle do not.


Hi, my name is Cloe.  Well, that’s not the name my mother gave me but it is the name I’ve come to accept as mine.  It’s my human name.  I’m a cat and my cat name is not pronounceable to humans.  Since I live with humans I use my human name.


I live with two humans, a brown one and a red one.  I’m glad they are different colors.  It makes them easier to tell apart from a distance, since all humans look alike to me.  They smell different of course but it’s good to have a way to tell them apart when I’m not close enough to sniff them.


The brown one belongs to me.  The red one is his mate.  Humans appear to mate for life.  I don’t understand this but it seems to work for them.  They also appear not to care if those they mate with are the same as them or not.  My humans are both males.


Though I’ve lived with them practically my whole life, I find that humans are strange animals and don’t make much sense to me most of the time.  I don’t think they are very smart because they are difficult to train.  The red one, in particular, has been extremely tough.  I have a great deal of difficulty getting him to do the simplest things for me.  The brown one seems to have an easier time understanding me.


I think part of the difficulty is that they don’t get enough sleep.  They only sleep a few hours a night and sometimes they nap after mating, which they do frequently.  They are extremely active during the day.  Me, I prefer sleeping during the day and prowling the house at night.  Though I’ve learned to be up some during the day as that is when I can usually convince the brown one to play with me or feed me.


Both of my humans leave the house most mornings and don’t return until evening, so I get to sleep for a good portion of the day anyway.  I don’t know where they go everyday but as long as they come home at night I don’t really care.  They’re off doing human stuff, I guess. 


When they do return home each night, the brown one usually spends time in the food room.  He is the food provider for our little family.  He feeds me and he feeds his mate.  Their eating habits are just as strange to me as most of their other behavior.  Cats are easy, we eat meat.  Sometimes dairy, but mostly we eat meat.  Humans eat things that I would not consider food.  But again, it seems to work for them.


I’m fairly easy-going.  I get along well with my new family, even if the red one is a little thick in the head.  I’ve only been here for a few months but in that time I’ve become very attached to the brown one.  He’s the one who found me and took me in.  And he’s definitely more cat-like than the red one.  He’s smarter and has much more fur.  He understands me and is great to snuggle up with.


Ah, I just heard the front door open.  My humans have arrived home for the evening so I guess it’s time for me to go.  I’m sure I’ll have more to say later.  These humans do fascinate me so.



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