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No one should be this busy on a Monday...

...but despite that, or maybe because of it, I'm in a much better mood today. I really hate it when I get all grumpy like that. It did serve a couple of purposes though because I've been hedging on doing some bullshit removal from my online life and somehow I just swept through and did it.

Facebook is gone. I never really cared for it in the first place and never really used it much so no great loss. I still prefer Twitter because at least I can choose not to follow people back who follow me. With Facebook that wasn't really an option.

I've cleaned out my friend's page here too. Don't panic. I didn't remove any individuals. I simply went through and got rid of a bunch of communities that I don't make use of anymore.

In three weeks I'll be in Florida. I am so looking forward to this trip. I just hope the weather down there warms up some. It was actually colder at my sister's place than it was here a couple of days ago. That's just wrong.

About a month after that trip, I'll be in Texas visiting sharpiesgal. Can't wait for that one. I'm hoping to just kick back for a few days since I know the Florida trip will keep me busy with the boys and all.

It's also time to get my ass moving on the next part of RMWP. The outline is done, time to write.

But now it's time to go home...


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