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Well, I survived my weekend.

Got almost everything done.

And I rewarded myself with an afternoon trip to the comic book shop. I found some good Michael Bendis and Matt Fraction graphic novels to bring to Comic Con for autographs. Still looking for the perfect Stan Lee comic but I might just bring his autobiography with me. And I still need to pick up the Complete Bloom County for Berkley Breathed to sign.

But for now, one week until Florida... Yay! The temperature got up to 50F today but I need sun and real warmth. Hopefully the weather at my sister's place holds.

Oh yeah, and ABC has pulled itself from my cable service. Kinda sucks with only 10 episodes of LOST left but at least I can watch them online. It really sucks for anyone who wanted to watch the Oscars tonight. Luckily that's not me.

I'm going to shut my computer down and plug myself into my ipod for some podcasts.


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