Aeon (aeoncole) wrote,

Today's Twitter

  • 05:24 Awake at an insane hour. Must catch a flight in 3 hours. Need coffee...
  • 07:22 Made it to the airport and through security in record time. 1 hour til my flight.
  • 07:28 And I just realized that I forgot to pack my phone charger so this is me signing off.
  • 15:10 I'm in Texas! I need to aquire a new charger for my phone. First lunch.
  • 19:24 Managed to find a phone charger. Yay. Means I don't have to have a total tech withdrawal.
  • 19:25 Found a place in town called Crazy Jose's. Having dinner
  • 20:12 Back at the hotel. 5 hours on the plane, 2 hours driving. Just going to veg out for the rest of the night.
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