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  • 09:51 Read my review of last night's #Mythbusters... RT @TheTwoCents Mythbusters - Recap & Review - No Pain, No Gain:
  • 09:59 @murgy31 The Discovery Channel.
  • 11:07 @murgy31 It's a fun show if you've never seen it. New eps on Discovery Wed 9pm. If u get the Science channel, repeats of older eps daily 4pm
  • 12:16 Cringes at the thought of reviewing this RT @MythBusters: [#MBMole] Heard in the office: When it comes to drinking, is urine better chilled?
  • 12:24 @murgy31 Answer too complicated for twitter. Will message you through LJ
  • 15:39 Ok enough work. Time for to go home. But first, pick up Chinese food for dinner.
  • 17:21 Just got my new #Surly :D Thanks @surlyamy
  • 17:27 Cranky cable modem is cranky.
  • 17:54 Things get better and better. Now I have no hot water which also means no heat until tomorrow. Yippy :(
  • 18:55 @murgy31 tomorrow. They have to wait for the basement to dry out. Long story. Luckily it's not suposed to get too cold tonight.
  • 19:20 @murgy31 probably go down into the low 40's tonight. I can deal with that... with a blanket or two.
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