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Some students must think I'm really dumb...

I have one student who is failing my course, pretty badly actually. Couple weeks ago, I told him he could make corrections on one of the exams he failed, turn it back to me and I would regrade it. I expected him to get help, see a tutor, whatever. But I figured he'd get something out of it, maybe learn something he hadn't picked up in class.

So, finally, yesterday, he turns it in to me. Today was the first chance I'd had to look at it.

1. This kid has atrocious handwriting. I sometimes have trouble reading it.
2. The test was written extremely neatly. Not his handwriting.
3. Every answer is exactly correct with each step documented. Definitely not his work.

It's obvious to me by this time that he actually had someone else do the work for him then didn't even bother to copy it over before he handed it in to me.

Bad enough, right?

Well, the handwriting starts to look a bit familiar to me. The more closely I look at it, the more familiar it looks.

Have I mentioned before that my husband works at the same college I do... as a math tutor.

Yep, this dumb-ass kid got my husband to do the test for him under the pretext of showing him his mistakes then proceeded to turn in the work that my husband did for him to me.

You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to the look on the kid's face tomorrow when I explain this to him...


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