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  • 06:44 OMG I need more sleep but have to work :(
  • 09:11 Great way to start a week. Gas leak in the cafeteria. Whole building cleared. Fire department here. Can I go home now?
  • 09:27 Crisis over. Gas shut off. Glad I brought lunch today.
  • 14:18 RT @Discovery: Discovery Announces Agreement w/Savage & Hyneman to Develop & Produce Add'l Series w/BermanBraun
  • 16:05 OMG YES PLEASE! RT @torgospizza: Psst @michaeljnelson @BillCorbett @kwmurphy - RT @Stepto #w00tstock at Comic Con?
  • 16:27 RT @paulandstorm: #w00tstock *might* come to San Diego during Comic-Con this July. See this post/poll for
  • 17:37 @sheeptube I imagine it's open
    to anyone attending Comic Con.
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