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And the crazy begins...

Five weeks until San Diego.

Yeah, I may do this every week.

So far I have confirmation of
All five Mythbusters and a panel
An MST3K panel Friday night
A live Rifftrax show hosted by Veronica Belmont
w00tstock Thursday night (if I can get tickets)

I want to go to the San Diego Zoo and to the beach since we will be so close. The hotel is a block away from the train so hopefully we'll be able to get around without a car.

In the meantime, two weeks from hell coming up.
Software training for my department. (I did get the handouts done.)
Strategic planning meetings. I'll be glad when this software upgrade is over but that won't be until January 2011.
Boston in two weeks, 5 hour drive up on Friday, day with MIL Saturday, 5 hour drive down Sunday. FIL and his wife coming to visit the weekend before I leave for San Diego. (Somebody shoot me.)

I watched Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs this weekend. It was cute and sort of mindless fun, a nice distraction. Tried to watch 3:10 To Yuma but the disk was f'ed up and we were only able to watch the first half. It wasn't good enough to bother having Netflix send a replacement.

I'm working on a Horatio/Stetler zine right now. I may have it done by next weekend.

Stay tuned...



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