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There are just so many one liners here...

About a month ago I added Google Analytics to my website and LiveJournal. One of the statistics that the service gives you is the search terms that landed people at your site. Of all of the information I have received from the service, this one has been the most interesting. Here are the top 5 search term combinations that have landed people at my website.

1. "'grab him' cock chloroform"
2. "about horatio neck"
3. "eric delko ryan wolfe lube"
4. "horatio caine costume"
5. "fanfic stetler speedle horatio fuck"

I'm still trying to figure out #2. And I am intrigued by #4.

Edit: So, I did some poking. I think #2 was a search from since all their searches add the word "about" to the search. When I typed #4 into Google I discovered that there is a whole segment of folks out there who are into cosplay with the Horatio Caine character. (To me this is even more amusing than the search term.)

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