Aeon (aeoncole) wrote,

Today's Twitter

  • 14:33 Just got my ipad. Doing the setup now. Squee
  • 14:46 @jhbonline I will. So far, pretty cool. May be a little on the heavy side for you but w/stand should be fine. Let u know after setup is done
  • 16:01 Tweeting from my ipad. :-) Will do a blog post later for all who are asking how I like it. So far really cool and shiny.
  • 18:24 For those who asked, my thoughts on my new iPad.
  • 18:29 RT @MsInformation TREBUCHET CATAPULTS ITS WAY TO iTUNES! All 17 glorious tracks of Hrab's blood, sweat and tears. Dig it!
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