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Today's Twitter

  • 07:08 Ok today will not be made of procratination. But first, WTF SyFy. Where's my Twilight Zone marathon? Greatest American Hero, really WTF?!
  • 09:58 Already better than yesterday. One article finished for tomorrow. Nothing like the last minute.
  • 16:13 Productivity continues. Second article started. Blog post written for tomorrow. Worked on sooper seekret project. Will celebrate with sushi.
  • 17:11 Bummer. Sushi place is closed today. Forgot it's a holiday. :(
  • 17:38 And I just looked at the outside thermometer. Just about 100F. Yikes!
  • 19:42 @jhbonline tell mom I said happy birthday! I'm starting to look at my schedule to see when I can come visit. Talk to you soon about that.
  • 20:15 @jhbonline I was thinking September.
  • 21:08 @jhbonline cool! I'll take a look at my days off when I get back in the office on Tuesday.
  • 21:48 There are three different fireworks shows happening right around my house. Lots of bangs and booms.
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